1st students meeting March 2017

Our visit to Macedonia

Day one:
We met our host families and started work at school. We were divided into six international groups. It’s a great experience to work together with a Macedonian, Estonian, Germany and Norwegian student. Our first task was to create a group logo and write down some question for tomorrow when we’ll visit Auto CEM.

Group logos:

Day two:
We went to the car company Opel Auto CEM and got to know different kinds of jobs like sales management, mechanic, technical sevice, and administration.
We asked many questions about the different jobs and positions.
You can find all our activities here on our blogs.

Day three:
It’s time to apply for a job in the company. So today we learned about how to write a CV and an application letter. We are also prepared for a job interview now.


Day four

This day was intended for activities that introduced the participants to the cultural and natural treasures of Macedonia. The first destination was the Canyon Matka, then mountain Vodno, where the participants took the cable car to reach the Millennium Cross. Next destination was Etno Selo, the church in v. Nerezi, The Old Bazaar, lunch and walk in the center of Skopje.

The night was reserved for a party with a DJ in the bar “Project” in the center of Tetovo.


Day five

The working day started with presenting the commission that would evaluate students’ work. In the commission, there was one representative from each country, career advisor and representative of Auto Cem – Opel – Tetovo. The students performed before the evaluation commission, which asked questions and evaluated students’ performance and their CVs following a pre-designed checklist. What followed was selecting a winner; the winner from the students was Andrej Posnograjev and the winner from the groups was the group “PANA”. The afternoon activity was feedback from the participants (What was good? What could have been better?) and awarding the certificates of participation, as well as final word from each school representative. In the evening, there was dinner at a restaurant, which was organized by the host school principal, for the professor that took part in the mobility.


Participating students has also written blogs about the event.

Here are they:

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