5th students meeting September 2018 – blogs

Blog entry by group 1

Monday: The first thing we did on Monday was interesting. We played some games so that we can get to know eachother. The games we played were called speed dating, and this spider web thingy. After class we went on a big ol’ walk around Thaleischweiler Fröschen, the german guy – Niklas got us all kebab and eventually we found the graveyard. On our way we got lost a couple of times, but we are still alive.

Tuesday: On Tuesday we  visited the restaurants. Ours was the Brauhaus restaurant in Pirmasens. It was a very facinating place, because it had its own brewery, and its very unique rustic style.  There we learned how to set the table, fold the napkins and everything about brewing beer and facts about restaurant.

Wednesday: We started our day with presenting the results of the high quality restaurant, and after that we began to prepare for the farewell party. That included the invitation cards, the name tags for everyone, and we prepared our table. In the break we made some white bread with ketchup, ham and cheese on it. The last thing we did before the school day was done, was playing bottle football. After school we all went to the swimming hall and had a lot of fun.

Thursday: On Thursday everyone drove to Europapark. It as a two and a half hour drive, but it was totally worth it. When we got there we all got into little groups and experienced all the rollercoasters and other attractions.

Friday: We’re doing the final preparations for the party and we are writing a blog about the other days.We are also thinking about a partyprogram that we will plan.

Blog entry by Epp Maria, Johanne, Selina and Nikola

Monday:We went to school and got to know each other. After playing some games, our group went to the restaurant „Zum Hannes“ in Winterbach. There, we got atour around the house, learnd how to fold napkins, how to set the table professionally and how to brew beer. In the end we set the table for our teachers. In the afternoon the whole group went to „Saufelsen“.

Tuesday: Nikola, Epp Maria and Johanne were playing golf with Klaus. They learned how to shoot the ball and played some mini games. They were also driving around with golf cars. Selina was at school and wrote a class test.

Wednesday: We were at school the whole day. First we made a presentation about Monday and presented it to the class. Then we started to plan the farewell party. In the break we made „Toast Hawaii“. After working on our task, we played bottle soccer.

Thursday:We went to Europa Park. We had a lot of fun. We tried many rollercoasters, got wet on some water activities. The weather was good. We went there by bus for 2,5 h.

Friday:We finished our task. We have set the table for the farewell party.  

Blog entry by Epp, Kara, Julia and Marko

Monday: We came to school, had a welcome meeting to get to know each other. Then we started playing games like speed dating, presenting the foods we like or dislike. After that students gave exchange students tour around the school. Teachers from Germany set us into international groups and all german groups. They presented the restaurants and told us in which restaurant each group goes. Then we had a walk in Thaleischweiler and we ate „Döner“. We met at the ice cream place called Eis Arco and then we walked to Saufelsen. That was it for Monday.

Tuesday: Two groups went to the restaurant called „Restaurante und Hotel Kunz“. We learned how to fold napkins, how to set a table and we got to set a table ourselves, they gave us a tour of the whole hotel. When we were done with the restaurant, all the students went to Kaiserslautern without the teachers.

Wednesday: We started the day with playing games. Then we started preparing the presentations of the restaurant and after the break we presented them. We started working on the party tables and invitations.
After working on the party stuff we went to the school kitchen to prepare lunch. We worked on our tables again and then we had sports activity at the sports field. In the evening all the students went together at the swimming hall called “Plub”.

Thursday: At 8 o´clock we went to the bus and we started to drive to the Europapark.

Friday: We finished the tables and started writing the blog.

Blog entry by Adriana, Mortitz, Emilie, Vanessa

Monday: At first we had a welcome at school and we get to know each other while we talked about food and played games like speed dating and spider`s web. Four people left the school because they had to got to the Restaurants on Monday.Then we made a School tour with little groups and showed them where all the important rooms like the secretary or the library are. After this we made a rally in Thaleischweiler-Fröschen. We went to the „old graveyard“, the grocery store „CAP-market“, the bakery „wind“, the Kebab restaurant and the „Eis Arco“.The last thing we did at Monday in School was a hiking to the Saufelsen where we took group pictures and some crazy people like Delia had a little shower under the Waterfall. After school we went to the Swimming Pool „Plub“ our guest`s

Tuesday: Tuesday we was  with our different groups in Restaurants like Kuchems Brauhaus, Kunz and Landhaus am Hirschhorn in Wilgartswiesen, our group was in Kuchems Brauhaus there we learned how to set the Table and how to brew a beer. The Restaurant have three kinds of beer Chestmont beer (sesional), light beer, dark beer and wheat beer. The owner of the resaturant is brewing beer since 40 years and in the restaurant since 20 years. In the restaurant is space for 250 people and they can come to have a drink or eat something. Some people are celebrate weddings or birthday Partys in it too. We where finished with it on 11 o`clock then we waited for the others on the train-station and traveled to K-town to the Shopping mall.

Wednesday: On Wednesday we made a Powerpoint Presentation about the Restaurants and presented our results. Then we began to work on the task for our Farewell Party