5th students meeting September 2018

Report for the 5th students’ meeting
At Integrierte Gesamtschule Thaleischweiler-Frõschen Germany 
 Sep 17th – 21st 2018

To find out, what we did there, you need to read blogs.

Fifth mobility of students

Sunday 16th of September

Arrival day, students accommodated in host families, teachers at hotel.

Monday 17th of September

We started at 7.30. The students were grouped and they got to know each other. After a little break, the students had a tour around the school. We had a presentation of the restaurants and explaination about the task. Also we made introduction of the week. The students wrote the blog for the first day, the teachers had a teachers meeting. The students finished at 15.30.

Tuesday 18th of September

We started the day at 10.00, and the groups visited different kinds of restaurants – Kuntz Wiezeln, Brauhaus, Wilgartwiesen, Zum Hannes.

The students took pictures and asked their questions for the main task.

Wednesday 19th of September

At 7.30 the student started the working on their task. They presented to the others their results. After presentations they had a time countiouning their task. The teacher had a teachers meeting and the students worked on the blog. The workday ended with some activities in the gym hall.

Thursday 20th of September

This day was set to be the cultural day. The bus ride took us to the Europa Park.

We were back at school at 20.00.

Friday 21th of September

This was the last working day, and the students finished their task and practiced how to promote it to the rest of the group. They also worked on the blog.  The teachers had a teachers meeting.Before the party the students set the tables. In the evening there was a farewell party. We had food, music and different activities prepared by both students and teachers at school.

Saturday 22th of September

Individual activities with host families.

Departure day for all countries.