3rd teachers meeting January 2019

3rd teachers meeting took place in 28-30th January 2019, in Norway.

As project is almost over, we made some conclusions and work together with the final report.

Seminar on international opportunities for teachers in the Norwegian school. Distributing results of the project in Universitetet i Agder.

Monday 28. January

08.30 – 09.00 Meet and coffee

09.00 – 11.30 International opportunities for teachers in the Norwegian school*

11.30 – 12.15 Lunch in the “Lilletunstova”. Tapas.

* Cooperation with Lillesand Ungdomsskole (LUS), who will be attending with a group consisting of 16 pupils and teachers from at home and abroad.

Key words:

  • Presentation of the Erasmus + project “accompany me” which LUS have been collaborating on, and which is now in its final stage.
  • Coffee and workshop about the theme of international opportunities for Norwegian teachers.

Program in detail. Names of persons responsible included.

8.30-9.00Meet and coffee
Welcome- Ingvild
Introduction – Erling General information about Erasmus
9.15-10.00«Accompany me»

Presentation of the project. Erling.
The project shows that using entrepreneurial methods in school can be useful in future professional life. The project lasts for 30 months and ends this January.Participating countries are Macedonia, Estonia, Germany and Norway.
Presentation of activities carried out in the different countries:
Interview and CV
Design and product developement
Lillesand, Norway
Marketing (Waste disposal – Returkraft)
Marketing (fashion house)
The running of a restaurant
10.15-10.25Pupils from Norway
What was it like to take part in the project?
10.25-11.25World café (workshop)
Explanation. Erling Which table/which language
World caféSee detailed instructions below.
11.25Welcome to lunch! Ingvild

World café

This workshop is organized by LUS and the international teachers.

How to get started with an international project. The teacher’s perspective.
2 teachers from LUS
2 Participating in an international project. The pupil’s perspective.
2 pupils + 1 international teacher

3Participating in an international project. The pupil’s perspective.
2 pupils + 1 international teacher
4Being part of an international project. The teacher’s perspective.
Focus: Culture, language, methods of teaching and how the pupil is viewed.
1 international teacher + Glenn
Eli-Marie should participate once here.
5What have we learned through the project «Accompany me»?          The teacher’s perspective.
Focus: entrepreneurial thinking
1 international teacher + 1 teacher from LUS
Vemund/Lill should participate once here.

On 29th and 30th January we were working on final report.

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