Project partners

There are four partner schools in our project:

Here you can find a short introduction of every school:

  • Tallinn Secondary Science School (Tallinna Reaalkool) has currently 960 students and 70 teachers. We have 30 student groups from grades 1 to 12. It is a mainstream day school and the study language is Estonian.There are three main areas taught at the school: Science-Programming, Science-Economics, and Science-Technology.The aim of the science-technology area is to evoke students’ interest in nature and science; to develop students’ ability to debate, reason, conclude and support their arguments; to encourage creativity and create interest in technology.
    Having chosen the science-economy area, the students are able to participate in establishing a student company and thereby experience and test their skills of being involved in running a business and how to succeed as an entrepreneur.
    The aim of the science-programming area is to develop students’ creativity and to evoke and maintain students’ interest in technology and programming.
  • Lillesand ungdomsskole is a secondary school located in the small town of Lillesand on the southern coast of Norway. The school has about 350 students at the age of 13-16 divided into 12 classes. Around 35 teachers work here in addition to 6 environmental therapists and the management. English is our first foreign language and mandatory for all students. In addition they can choose to study German or Spanish.According to annual national tests and surveys we score on average when it comes to academic levels, but much higher when it comes to student and teacher satisfaction and learning environment. Our main goal is to raise the academic scores within the next three years.
  • IGS Thaleischweiler-Froeschen is a secondary school which is located in Thaleischweiler-Froeschen, a small town in rural western Germany. Our school is very close to the French border. The pupils learn English as their first foreign language and they can chose French and Italian as a second or third one.The Integrierte Gesamtschule is an integrating secondary state school with 85 teachers and 850 students that attend thirty-six classes from the 5th to the 13th form.According to an annual test the academic level of our pupils is slightly higher than the average level in the region of Rheinland-Pfalz.
  • S.S.O.U “Mosha Pijade” was established in 1928 as a lower agricultural school which formed conditions for expert qualification of the students in many parts of the country. Total number of employees in the school is 213 of which bigger part refers to teaching personnel.1264 students are attending at this school starting from the age of 14 until age of 18. Teaching is performed in Macedonian and Albanian language. Beside Macedonians and Albanians, the school is also attended by Turks, Roma, Macedonians with Muslim religion, etc. The school is a regional center as well in which students from the city of Tetovo and surrounding villages are attending the lectures and educational process in general.Every year the school with its representatives-students takes part in a lot of contests on Republic level.